New tech boosts recycling potential in Uganda by 3000%

Our Uganda partner, EcoBrixs, has made amazing progress since it began collecting and recycling plastics in the Masaka area in 2017.

Their capacity to recycle plastic waste and turn it into products to sell has increased gradually and the number of community recycling centres has grown to 59. It’s become one of the largest recycling facilities outside the capital, Kampala.

To date, they’ve recycled the equivalent of more than 19 million plastic bottles in partnership with their community, and created 3,000 income opportunities.

But their ability to scale up has been limited by the fact some of their processes were manual – until now.

The recent arrival of a new conveyor belt means that their plastic crusher is now continuously fed automatically and a new screw-loader empties it too.

This means they can now process 10 tonnes of plastic a day – where before it took them a whole month to process that amount, as team member Martha excitedly explains: