If your work colleagues pull together on a day like Earth Day in April (Thursday 22nd in 2021), you’ll soon raise £45 to twin a bin inside your office with a waste management project in Haiti, Pakistan or Uganda, or £150 to twin your commercial bin outside with a recycling project in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Got any rubbish ideas up your sleeve?! Here’s a few of ours for starters!

  • Hold a sale of ‘rubbish’ cakes or upcycling crafts!
  • Sell tickets to a rubbish lunchtime party and encourage people to bring their own food and cutlery to a plastic-free picnic
  • Organise a sponsored litter-pick or plogging event (yes, it’s a real thing, it’s apparently jogging and litter-picking combined!)
  • Twin a Bin (or two) in lieu of sending each other Christmas cards
Open burning releases smoke and toxins estimated to cause 270,000 deaths globally each year

Bin Twinning is such a fab way to help save the lives!

It’s a frightening statistic 2 billion people in the world don’t have their rubbish collected. Personally I hate it when our rubbish doesn’t get collected on the usual day so I cant think what it would be like to have no waste collections. I just can’t imagine living among piles of rubbish. Bin Twinning is such a fab way to help save the lives of people living in some of the poorest communities in the world. And it also helps to clean up whole communities What’s not to love?