The ‘Game Changer’ - a fishing boat made out of plastic

The statistics are bleak. There’s no denying that our world has a plastic problem. 

But, in the same report that shares horrifying statistics and realistic predictions for the state of our planet, the Breaking the Plastic Wave Report offers encouragement and good news: The report shares key findings that could help define changes to the global system that are necessary to stop plastic pollution from flowing into the ocean. 

At Bin Twinning we see firsthand the innovation, creativity and resourcefulness of the partners we work with as they turn the problem of plastic pollution into a success story. 

Introducing EcoBrixs, our partners in Uganda… 

Who are EcoBrixs and how do we work together? 

Based in Uganda, EcoBrixs set up small enterprises to collect and recycle waste. Tackling the issue of plastic waste in Uganda whilst simultaneously creating job opportunities for local communities.

They encourage local people to sign up for these services and raise awareness about the impact of waste on health and the environment.  

EcoBrixs’s Mission: 

‘To create green, environmentally friendly, sustainable solutions to lift people into the employment sector in Uganda.’

EcoBrixs recently commissioned one of their most exciting Eco-Products to date…

A fishing boat named ‘Game Changer.’ 

The ‘Game Changer’ may look like an ordinary fishing boat, but it’s very special. The boat is made entirely from recycled plastic waste that has been collected from shores of the Great Lake, where (fittingly) it launched on its maiden voyage. 

‘Alongside our Plastic Collectors from Lake Victoria and the local community, we launched the ship on its maiden voyage!’

Crowd of happy people surround the dark grey boat built from recycled plastic. A priest dressed in black is giving a speech as the crowd lean closer to listen.

Circular economy at its best 

Developing this innovation alongside Bin Twinning EcoBrixs’ local collectors have gathered the plastic and been paid for it to help them earn an income to cover necessities like rent, food and school fees for their family. The plastic has been recycled into the planks at EcoBrixs’ HQ in Masaka, Southern Uganda before being constructed locally and then sold to fishermen.

Like all of EcoBrix’s Eco-Products, the income received in exchange for the boat will allow them to purchase more plastic from local people, ensuring continued support in the region, both environmentally and economically.

‘We’re hoping that ‘Game Changer’ will be the first of many boats we provide to the communities of Lake Victoria, so we can continue to clean up the heavily polluted lake and demonstrate how trash can be given value.’

a grey boat with three people wearing life jackets travels on lake Victoria, Uganda. Flat water with hills in the distance.

Support EcoBrix 

You can support the work of EcoBrix and our other partners working on similar circular waste products in countries like Haiti and the Democratic Republic of Congo. 

Twin Your Bin and help fund a community project that’s preventing disease, protecting the environment and creating jobs.  

When you twin, we’ll send you a certificate to put on your kitchen, waste or wheelie bin – showing a photo of the rubbish collection and recycling enterprise that you have twinned with overseas.

Learn more about Bin Twinning’s approach, the people we work with and the life changing projects cleaning up our world.