A cycling challenge to Twin your Bins

Syed is a waste picker from Parbatipur, a district in northern Bangladesh. He has two sons and a wife who he supports financially by collecting waste. 

For 24 years Syed had to carry the waste he collected in two baskets on his back. This labour-intensive work caused health problems and he worried about how long he would be strong enough to carry on working.

But, thanks to connecting with our Bin Twinning partner in Bangladesh, Syed has been given a ‘push van’ bicycle to collect waste with. He can now cycle 9-12 miles a day collecting waste. His income has doubled since using the bicycle! 

Syed cycles more than 300 miles every month collecting waste to earn a living. 

Can you cycle 90 miles in a month and raise £90? 

£90 can Twin Two Bins and help more people like Syed start a new livelihood.  

Bin Twinning provides jobs, reduces waste and makes neighbourhoods safer. Decreases disease, recycles rubbish, raises awareness about the impact of waste and lobbies governments to reduce waste! 

Can you cycle 90 miles in a month and raise £90 to Twin two Bins?  

Set up a JustGiving page for you Spin for the Bin challenge and start fundraising. 

Set up a JustGiving page

Set up a team challenge…

Can you cycle 300 miles in a month like Syed does? Set up a team challenge on Strava and get your friends, workplace and family involved to reach a higher target!

Set up a team challenge on Strava


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