Turn a litter-pick into a sporty fundraiser!

Waste kills. In the world’s poorest countries, a person dies every 30 seconds from diseases caused by plastic pollution and mismanaged waste.

For 2022, could you join with Bin Twinning fundraisers across the UK to complete 30 miles, 30 kilometres or 30 days of plogging?

Or, if you don’t fancy the idea of combining a litter pick with jogging (which is how we get to the word ‘plogging’) – then how about a leisurely litter-pick as a walk?

Sign up here to Plog the Gap for communities who don’t yet have their rubbish collected or recycled. 

Your fundraising will help support a brand-new social enterprise that is setting up rubbish collections, disposing of waste safely and recycling as much as possible. In Uganda, more than 600 tonnes of plastic are dumped every day, and 90% of this waste is burnt or sent to landfill. Our partner’s aim is to recycle up to 30 tonnes of plastic each month and turn it into items for sale, such as paving blocks.

How to get started

Your Plog the Gap challenge starts here!