Would you like to have a rubbish day – and help save the planet and its people?

If your group is looking for a fundraising challenge that will help people in poverty tackle dangerous waste, improve their health and provide jobs? Then you’re in the right place.

Every 30 seconds, a person dies from a disease linked to plastic pollution and mismanaged waste.

Why don’t you start thinking up a ‘rubbish’ idea that could raise enough to twin a bin or two?

We’re here to help you fundraise in any way we can – and here are some ideas we made earlier:

Idea #1
Litter picking

A sponsored waste walk or litter-pick is a fun way to serve your local community, care for creation and raise funds for a Bin Twin. Here are our top tips…

Idea #2
Spin for the Bin 

Set yourself an individual or group-wide sporty challenge of cycling for the planet…

Can you cycle 90 miles in a month and raise £90 to Twin two Bins? 

Set up a JustGiving page for you Spin for the Bin challenge and start fundraising.

Set up a team challenge…

Can you cycle 300 miles in a month? Set up a team challenge on Strava and get your friends, workplace and family involved to reach a higher target!

Idea #3
Plastic-free meal

Choose a date and challenge your guests to bring along their own food and utensils that does NOT include any single-use plastic. Cut out the cling film, plastic bags, plastic cutlery, plastic straws or disposable cups, no crisp packets or plastic sweet/chocolate wrappers. Need some inspiration? Read these top tips on how to be plastic-free.

Idea #4
Set up shop

Sell, sell, sell all your unwanted books, clothes and toys at home. Or, use your creative skills to make and trade. Plants, key-rings, face masks…

Idea #5
Brave the shave

Get buzzing to raise some cash. Film and post your head shave online for maximum support.

Idea #6
Give up something

What’s your guilty pleasure? Crisps, chocolate, doughnuts? Give them all up for a week and donate the money you save.

Next steps

Step 1: Choose your fundraiser

Step 2: Raise funds

Step 3: Pay in the funds via our Donate area or direct to our bank account

Paying direct to our bank

Donations can be made online via a BACS transfer:

Account name       Bin Twinning

Bank                         Barclays

Account                   53798860

Sort code                20-00-00

Please get in touch if you would like to talk through your fundraising ideas: email [email protected] or call 0300 303 3053 (9am and 5pm Monday to Friday).

Every £45 you raise will twin a bin with a sustainable project that is collecting people’s rubbish, disposing of it safely, recycling as much as possible, and promoting waste reduction.

We want to make sure that all your fundraising efforts are Covid-19 safe and within local guidelines, so please make sure you check and conform to up-to-date guidelines for your locality.



The mounds of rubbish in Meera’s community are an ideal breeding ground for mosquitoes.
Recently, Meera was ill for months with typhoid and dengue fever. The medicines she still needs are a heavy burden on family finances.
But she’s hopeful: her community is part of a new waste management project to create a cleaner environment.


Waste in sub-Saharan Africa is expected to more than triple by 2050