Get Involved

There are so many different ways in which you can get involved with Bin Twinning

Twin at work

Pull together with your work colleagues to twin the bins that are inside and outside your office.

Twin your workplace


Whatever you want to do it, go for it! It all helps to protect people’s health and our planet. We’re here to offer support and advice all the way.

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We’d love you to be part of our team - speaking about bins, helping out at events… and we’ll never say ‘no’ to an extra pair of hands in the office!

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Go bold for the bin!

Organise a litter pick

A sponsored waste walk or litter-pick is a fun way to serve your local community, care for creation and raise funds for a Bin Twin.

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Organise a plastic-free picnic

Challenge everyone to bring along their own picnic that does NOT include any single-use plastics.

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Reduce your waste footprint

Make small changes to your lifestyle and shopping habits to reduce the UK’s mountain of waste and single-use plastic.

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Get your group involved

Community Groups

Is your group looking to raise funds for a life-changing project?

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Looking for service ideas, sermon notes, or small group resources?

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Want some fundraising resources, assembly presentation, or Charity of the Year ideas?

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Youth Groups

Are your young people up for a challenge?

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Uniformed Groups

Could you twin a bin where you meet?

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Want to reduce plastic and protect the world’s poorest people?

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Pascal earns a living collecting sand from his local river.
He is sad to see plastics clogging up the river, especially when the rains come, creating health problems for his community.
'The most common diseases are typhoid or dysentery – the stomach problems – and children get diarrhoea.'


Miriam’s house is opposite a disused dump whose rubbish still litters the area, spreading disease.
Her children often get stomach upsets and fevers and paying for treatment diverts money from Miriam’s bakery business.
'When I burn plastic to light the fire, it affects our lungs and we cough.’