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Bin Twinning offers a flexible suite of products to suit any business size:

Adopt us as your Charity of the Year

Consider making us your Charity of the Year – and involve your staff in working up wacky ideas for fundraising. You might even like to consider some friendly interdepartmental rivalry!


Twin all the bins in your workplace and make sure your suppliers do too! If you’re international, encourage other offices to take part.


Shout about it!  Display the ‘We are Supporting Bin Twinning’ logo on your website, letterhead and business cards.  Advertise your fundraising efforts on social media, talk about Bin Twinning in your publications, and put Bin Twinning stickers on all the bins in your office.

Match Funding

Show your appreciation of the efforts made by your staff by matching them pound for pound.  A great incentive which doubles the impact we can have in an impoverished community.


Social Media Kit

Mismanaged waste doubles the incidence of diarrhoeal disease for people living among it


Rashid’s slum community has no formal waste collection service so the nearby stream is full of waste, so mosquitoes and rats are rife.
These help spread disease, especially among children and the elderly, and families spend most of their money on medical treatment.
‘People living outside the slum discriminate against us because of our unclean environment.’